Supplier blacklist: Strobemax Light Tec

The following is also registered on the and is for the benefit of all parties (purchasing resellers and end users) who are approached by this seller, or are interested in doing business with the seller.

We would like to warn you for supplier Strobemax Light tec, also operating under the name Automax United Development Group. The person behind this fraudulent company is Yi Jan Yang (Sting). He will contact you on facebook or possibly via other social media. Unfortantely we were not carefull with this new contact, but as there is no website or any contact details for this person this should have given us some red flags.

Yi Jan Yang has a good offer for innovative products, is very convincing and can act quickly. This made us buy some samples first and we received them soon after the payment. But after we placed a larger order, we noticed that communication start to change. While we didn’t get any updates on the order, Yi Jan Yan kept stalking us to place new orders for other products.

After various attempts have been made to proceed with delivery, it became clear that the materials offered are not produced by Strobemax or Automax, but that this company functions as an ordinary reseller and tricks companies into paying amounts up to 5000 dollars. Not enough for taking serious action on this man.

If you decide to do business anyway with this seller, make sure that you always do business with a payment partner like Paypal. An investigation into Strobemax Light Tec is currently underway and we expect to receive compensation. For you, this is as a warning against a fraudulent seller.

3fl-1, 163 Keelung Rd Section 1
Yi Jan Yang (Sting)
Taipei City